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District Council 33 members helped to make history yesterday by turning out in record numbers to elect Tom Wolf as Pennsylvania’s next Governor.

The historic part of this election was the fact that since 1968, when Pennsylvania’s Constitution was changed to allow governors to run for a second term, five straight Governors had won re-election.

District Council 33 President Pete Matthews said that Wolf won because of the high turnout of voters in Philadelphia and District Council 33 lead the way.

“Wolf needed record numbers of Philadelphia voters to turn out today and that is what they did, with help from our union and others,” said Matthews. “Philadelphia’s record turnout percentage was driven by working families like those in our union who were angry about the way the current governor cut funding for our schools and his anti-union agenda.”

At a pre-election Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) rally at District Council 33, President Matthews joined AFSCME President Lee Saunders to welcome Democrat Tom Wolf to Philadelphia and made sure that he knew the AFSCME Green Machine was ready to work right through Election Day to make history. “Our retirees and members are making thousands of phone calls and going door to door talking to union families about the importance of this election to their families, friends and neighbors, “ Matthews told Wolf at the GOTV rally. “All of that hard work will pay off with a victory for Wolf and Pennsylvania’s working families on election night.”

That is exactly what happened – Wolf won by a landslide!

Tom Wolf is next Governor of PA!

District Council 33 leads the way in Philadelphia.