AFSCME District Council 33

Bette has been a valued member of the leadership and negotiating team of District Council 33 since assuming her post as Vice President in 1996, and then becoming Secretary-Treasurer in 2007.

Bette has made it her mission to respond and attend to the needs of all District Council 33 members who seek her help. She is universally recognized for her sense of fairness and her concern for the communities where District Council 33 members live and work.


As Secretary-Treasurer of District Council 33, Bette's activities include representing the District Council before governmental bodies like City Council and the Pennsylvania General Assembly. She also presents and represents the
interests of District Council 33 members before many civic and social organizations in the City of Philadelphia. 

Based on his confidence in her experience, skills and abilities, President Pete Matthews has given Bette MacDonald the option to expand her representation of the membership of District Council 33 into many new and productive areas of community involvement.

Bette's hard work and advocacy for the membership has brought our District Council 33 much well deserved praise and recognition throughout the City of Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania.

Bette MacDonald