Tuesday, May 15th, is Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania.

Please remember to VOTE!​​

​ Polls open at 7:00 am and close at 8:00 pm. 

​​the palm card

Join the Next Wave!

The future of AFSCME depends on our ability to identify and activate new young member leaders to fill the gap when seasoned activists move on. Over half of AFSCME

members are over the age of 50 and will be

eligible to retire within the next 10 years.

This will leave a huge leadership gap and

loss of institutional memory.

Through Next Wave, we want to introduce

our newest members to the value and role

of our Union. We host fun and purposeful events

to engage our young members and get them excited about AFSCME. Next Wave members are energized and inspired to be active participants in our Union. 

During the 2008 primary elections, 6.5 million young people voted. This is an important constituency that needs to be educated, mobilized and organized!

To join Next Wave, send us an email at nextwave@afscme33.org.

AFSCME District Council 33


Fighting for Candidates Who Will Fight for Us

For public employees, the people we elect determine the quality of our lives and our livelihood. Our wages, benefits, working conditions, health and safety, and even whether we have jobs at all, are in the hands of officials who influence our future. Unless, that is, we hold them accountable. Our activism in politics is incredibly important.

Through PEOPLE, we help elect candidates who stand for what matters to AFSCME members:

  • Strong contracts       
  • No contracting out
  • Affordable health care
  • Retirement security
  • No cuts to vital public services

Politics is part of AFSCME's DNA. Federal election law and some state laws prohibit using dues for campaign contributions and other political activities. AFSCME PEOPLE enables our union to be strong politically and help enact legislative programs that protect our jobs.

Get Involved

Through PEOPLE, thousands of AFSCME members help get out the vote for candidates who support working families and public services. We make phone calls, knock on doors, and do whatever it takes to turn out more voters. Be a part of history and join us.

You can volunteer or make a contribution online.

Contributions or gifts to AFSCME PEOPLE are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. All contributions to AFSCME PEOPLE are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. Contributions are not a condition of membership or employment and refusal to contribute is free of reprisal. In accordance with federal law, AFSCME PEOPLE accepts contributions only from AFSCME members, executive and administrative personnel, and their families. Contributions from other persons will be returned.

DC 33 members and retirees have received a letter (shown below) and a

palm card in the mail with District Council 33’s endorsements.
Please take the palm card with you to the polls TODAY and

VOTE for the candidates endorsed by AFSCME District Council 33!

You can also click anywhere in the letter below to download a copy of the palm card.